Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016-07-28 Volunteers from the Central Eurasian Mission to serve in Berlin

During the past two days we were pleased to welcome volunteers from the Central Eurasian Mission into Berlin. They will continue their service among the Turkish-speaking population of Berlin and other cities. We anticipate these volunteers will return when conditions in Turkey normalize. We look forward to working with these fifteen fine Elders.
Elder Jensen and Elder Oliver
Elder Yazzie and Elder Johnson
Elder Johnson and Elder Larsen
Elder Grover Elder Colemere
Elder Payne and Elder Bullion
Elder Havens and Elder May
Elder Muncy and Elder Griffin
Elder Peterson and Elder Cakir
Elder Baugh and Elder Seegmiller
Elder Brady and Elder Fernandez
Elder Nahle and Elder Lex
Elder Eatough and Elder Thompson
Elder Russell and Elder Powell
Elder Blair and Elder Burns
Elder Mattes and Elder Bailey