Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2017-8-25 Leadership Training Meeting

We were pleased to have the leaders of the mission meet together in Berlin. It was wonderful to council together about the needs and goals of the mission!  

2017-8-25 Finishers Return Home

We are sad to see more of our missionaries leave us, but we are thankful for the wonderful work and service that they have provided us and the Lord!

Sister Alton
Elder Behrndt
Elder Benitz
Elder Bennitt
Sister Briggs
Sister Earl
Sister Fulton
Elder Halbleib
Sister Harger
Elder Hite
Sister Hope
Sister Johnson
Sister Mogensen
Elder Racine
Elder Schmitt

2017-8-22 New Missionaries

We are happy to welcome new missionaries to the mission! We are thrilled to work with you and welcome your motivation to serve the Lord!

Sister Wetterstrand and Stevenson
Elder Weinberg and Smartt
Sister Van Leeuwen und Brogdon
Sister Thompson and Redd
Elder Rudenko and Dawson
Sister Roach and Wood
Sister Oliphant and Sorenson
Elder Nielson and Shamo
Sister Hymas and Christensen
Sister Hilton und Thorpe
Sister Forsberg and Wacker
Elder Filbrandt and Williams
Sister Geer and Harlow
Sister Grisham and Ingalls
Sister Jensen and Smith
Sister Meyers and Anderson

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2017-8-8 Zone Conferences

We were again grateful for the opportunity to see you all at zone conferences!  We are also thankful for the spirit we felt, and the things we learned.

Hannover and Oldenburg Zones
Berlin and Tempel Zones
Hamburg and Neum√ľnster Zones
Leipzig and Neubrandenburg Zones

2017-8-3 Trainer Trainee Meeting

We were pleased to welcome our trainers and trainees to the mission home for a special meeting! 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

2017-8-3 Goodbye Sister Diaz

We are sad to say goodbye to our Sister Diaz. We are thankful for her wonderful service and we wish her the very best as she returns home.