Friday, January 22, 2016

2016-1-19 Three Generations of Assistants

Tuesday evening as the finishers and a few of the trainers were assembled in Freiberg we had the wonderful chance to put together the last three generations of assistants.  Thank you for the diligent work you have collectively rendered over the past year!

Elder Schall and Elder Wipf
Elder Siddoway and Elder Wipf
Elder Siddoway and Elder Kreutz 

2016-1-14 Trainer and Trainee Meeting

One week ago the trainers and trainees from last transfer gathered together at the mission home in Berlin to receive instruction and training from President and Sister Fingerle, the Assistants, and the Sister Training Leader Trainers.

2016-1-20 Welcome New Missionaries!

The new missionaries arrived at Dresden this past Wednesday (January 20), then traveled to Radebeul, the dedicatory site of Germany, and Freiberg, the location of the Temple. The next day they met their trainers and were off to serve! We are glad to have you here and wish you a warm (despite the weather) welcome to the Germany Berlin Mission!

Sister Medley and her trainee Sister Baird
Sister Hammer and her trainee Sister Bolinger
Elder Schulte and his trainee Elder Chadwick
Sister Murdock and her trainees Sister Fischer and Sister Maier
Elder Pinyon and his trainee Elder Giles
Elder Fitch and his trainee Elder Jacobe
Elder Stott and his trainee Elder Jensen
Elder Wipf and his trainee Elder May
Elder Staley and his trainee Elder Oliver
Elder Mika and his trainee Elder Purdy
Sister Stephens and her trainee Sister Schalk
Sister Rückauer and her trainee Sister Sommerfeld
Elder Spencer and his trainee Elder Tischner
The new missionaries at Radebeul. Welcome!

2016-1-19 Finishers in Freiberg

The missionaries returning home were joined this past Tuesday by many friends and members who came to wish them well.  A wonderul testimony meeting was held in the chapel at Freiberg on the temple grounds.  We thank you Elders and Sisters for the service you have rendered in the Germany Berlin Mission!

The finishers at Radebeul, the dedicatory site of Germany
Elder  Billings
Elder Blake
Sister Davis
Sister Egbert
Elder Flack
Elder Francom
Sister Hashimoto
Elder Hardy
Elder Hein
Sister Jenson
Sister Lisonbee
Sister Morales
Sister Pickett
Sister Reed
Elder Roth
Elder Schaal
Elder Wallis
Elder Ebisch, who is continuing on to his assigned mission in Scottsdale Arizona
Elders and Sisters, thank you for you service!  We love you all!

Monday, January 18, 2016

2015-01-18 Goodbye Sister Bertuleit

After a wonderful time with Sister Bertuleit, she received her visa and will now serve in the mission to which she was called. The Utah Ogden Mission should be honored to have a missionary as faithful and diligent as she.