Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017-12-21 Trainer Trainee Conference

We were thrilled to gather the new missionaries and their trainers in the mission home to check on their progress and talk about the joy of the mission!

2017-12-20 New Missionaries Arrive

We were thrilled to welcome this excited new group of missionaries to the mission just before Christmas!
Sisters Quintana and Dempsey

Sisters Johnson and Oliphant

Sisters Peterson and Wacker

Sisters Tucker and Mecham

Sisters Lay and Waggoner

Elders Cheung and Hunt

Elders Peck and Hacking

Elders Miller and King 

Monday, December 18, 2017

2017-12-16 Finishers Depart!

We were sad to say goodbye to these great Elders and Sisters as they returned home, but we are excited to see what this new chapter will bring!

Sister Ahlers

Sister Busche

Sister Redd

Sister Swapp

Sister Koch

Sister Jarrett-Clark

Elder Nay

Elder Tischner

Elder Weckesser

Elder Rudenko

Elder Christoffersen

Elder Castillo

Elder Wright

2017-12-15 Zone Conferences

We were so happy to gather with all of the wonderful missionaries at our annual HoHo Zoko, where we learned more about Jesus Christ and how he really is the best gift of the season!
Hamburg and Neumünster Zones

Berlin and Neubrandenburg Zones

Temple and Leipzig Zones

Hannover and Oldenburg Zones

Friday, November 24, 2017

2017-11-17 Finishers Depart

We are sad to see more of our missionaries leave us, but we are very grateful for their wonderful work and service to the people of Germany and to the Lord!

Elder Jensen
Elder Oliver
Elder Colemere
Elder Chadwick
Elder Purdy

Elder Giles
Sister Garrett
Elder Çakir
Sister Haynie
Sister Evans
Elder Ausobsky
Sister Hammer
Elder Johnson
Sister Anderson
Elder Williams
Elder Seegmiller
Elder May

2017-11-15 New Missionaries Arrive!

We are very excited to welcome these wonderful missionaries into the mission!  We are thrilled to capture their excitement and motivation to serve the Lord!

Elder Alves and Elder Wride
Sister Bell and Sister Hymas
Elder Benson and Elder Ringger
Elder Finch and Elder Bailey
Sister Hiatt and Sister Thompson
Elder Horwath and Elder Matis
Elder Lake and Elder Brooks
Elder McAdams and Elder Christoffersen
Elder Nitz and Elder Buhler
Elder Orton and Elder Jensen
Elder Ryser and Elder Weinberg
Sister Walker and Sister Saalman