Monday, June 18, 2018

New Mission Map

     We are proud to finally publish the newest version of the Mission Map. This new map was created to reflect the recent changes to the zones and areas in the mission in order to accommodate the changes to the stakes in the area! As you may have noticed, some of the colors are also new. Every zone with a new color had some kind of change, whether the borders were rearranged, or just a name change. We hope you are excited about the new opportunities that can come because of the changes! Good luck!

Monday, May 28, 2018

2018-5-25 Thank you!!

We are very grateful for all of those that help make our lives easier and help prepare so many great meals for all of our missionaries, these two in particular, Brother Wolf, and Sister Stolz, have been doing it for a long time!  They have truly been angels in preparing so many meals for our mission.  Words cannot express our gratitude! 

2018-5-25 Zone Conferences

For the last time with President Fingerle, we gathered the missionaries together in the four corners of the mission for our transferly Zone Conference.  President Fingerle echoed his teachings of the past three years and focusing on the blessings of the temple.  He emphasized that we never give up and keep going through our trials!

Hamburg and Neum√ľnster Zones

Hannover and Oldenburg Zones

Temple and Leipzig Zones

Berlin and Neubrandenburg Zones

2018-5-15 Elder Uchtdorf Visits Berlin, Uniting Generations

Elder Uchtdorf of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles visited Berlin in order to meet with the former president of Germany, President Gauck.  He also took the time to meet with various Pioneers of the church in Berlin from former Stake Presidents, Temple Presidents, and various other callings.  The groupl, including four missionaries, visited many places in Berlin and discussed the progress of the Work in Germany.  Elder Uchtdorf also held a family home evening for Young Single Adults where missionaries from Berlin were also invited, where he emphasized the need to build the church where you are, as well as the constant need for a temple recommend.

2018-4-30 Turkish Volunteers Temporarily Reassigned

Due to continuing Political Unrest in Turkey we received ten wonderful Elders and Sisters to help strengthen our Turkish speaking program in the mission.  We are very grateful to have them safely among us and to continue to fulfill their calling.

Sister Nieminen

Sister Baldock

Elder Rasmussen

Elder Heil

Elder Puff

Elder LaMay

Elder Mazzei

Elder Allen

Elder Claridge

Elder Nattress

2018-4-19 Finishers Leave Us

We are very grateful for the service of these wonderful Elders and Sisters over the course of the mission, although we are very sad to lose such great missionaries.
Sister Sorenson

Elder Myers
Elder O'Bryant

Elder Keck

Elder Thiriot

Elder Rockwood

Sister Kohlert

Elder Hacking

Elder Tullis

Elder Watts

Elder Blackham

2018-4-18 Five New Missionaries Arrive

We were happy to welcome these 5 new wonderful missionaries to the Germany Berlin Mission.  They are filled with excitement and are going to do great things!
Sister Jensen and Sister Hurd

Sister Wamboldt and Sister Bowler

Elder Karpowitz and Elder Mehr

Elder Anderson and Elder Beutler

Elder Mickelson and Elder Bushman

2018-4-14 Elder Rasband Visits the Germany Berlin Mission

We were pleased to welcome Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to the mission along with his wife, President and Sister Johnson of the Area Presidency, and Elder and Sister Leimer, Area Seventy.  We had almost the entire mission gather in Berlin to hear Elder Rasband speak.  He focused a lot on avoiding distractions and focusing on the potential of everyone we meet!

2018-4-12 Trainer-Trainee Conference

After the first couple of weeks together, we gather the new missionaries and their trainers in the Mission Home to see how they are doing and continue to provide them with instruction!

2018-4-11 Zone Conferences

With a tightened schedule, we gathered together with the mission in Hamburg and Berlin for a Zone Conference where we reviewed the past General Conference as well as focusing on exact obedience!
Neum√ľnster, Hamburg, Hannover, and Oldenburg Zones in Hamburg

Neubrandenburg, Berlin, Leipzig, and Temple Zones in Berlin

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2018-3-23 Finishers Depart

We were sad to see these wonderful Elders leave us as they go on to continue their extraordinary lives!

Elder Lex

Elder and Sister Brown

Elder Cowley

Elder and Sister Schwicht

Elder Sinclair

Elder Moody

Elder Jackson

Elder Hillyard