Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2017-7-20 Missionaries Return Home

We are grateful for the wonderful service from these fine missionaries. We wish you the best and many blessings as you return home!

Sister Ellis
Sister Baldwin
Sister Darton
Sister Leavitt
Sister Lichtenberg
Sister Föger
Elder Peatross
Sister Ha
Sister Garnett
Sister Hammer
Sister Volluz
Sister Rose
Sister Simpson
Sister Wayment
Sister Daines
Sister Boza
Sister Wahl

Monday, July 17, 2017

2017-7-12 New Missionaries Arrive

We are pleased to welcome new missionaries into the mission! We welcome your enthusiasm to serve the Lord!

Sister Lewis and Bagnoud
Sister Waggoner and Koch
Sister Bowler and Haynie
Sister Mecham and Peck
Sister Barker und Gladney
Sister Clark and Busche
Sister Smith and Briggs
Sister Schoenfeld and Johnson
Sister Stevenson and Hope
Sister Hansen and Swapp
Sister Thorpe and Mogensen
Sister Brogdon and Ahlers
Sister Strong and Evans
Elder Buhler and Keck
Elder Turley and Scroggin
Elder Clayson and Tullis
Elder Souza Lima and Hacking
Sister Sheffield and Wacker
Sister Ingalls and Alton
Sister Wood and Kohlert

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

2017-6-27 Zone Conferences

It was a pleasure to be able to meet again for our zone conferences around the mission! We are grateful for what we learned in order to become better servants to the Lord.  

Neumünster and Hamburg Zones

Hannover and Oldenburg Zones

Leipzig and Tempel Zones

Berlin and Neubrandenburg Zones