Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016-07-05 New Missionaries Arrive

Last week we welcomed nineteen wonderful new missionaries into the mission. In a special meeting at the Freiberg Germany Temple they met their trainers and learned about focusing on the blessings of the temple. We wish you all luck on your missions and look forward to serving with you!
Sister Garnett and Sister Anderson
Elder Vellinga and Elder Keck
Elder Hopkins and Elder Blackham
Elder Thomas and Elder Myers
Elder Benitz and Elder Thiriot
Sister Boza and Sister Hammer
Elder Burns and Elder Tullis
Elder Chadwick and Elder Hacking
Sister Sommerfeld and Sister Evans
Elder Lex and Elder Thygerson
Elder Schofield and Elder Rockwood
Sister Wilson and Sister Briggs
Sister Baldwin and Sister Garrett
Sister Simpson and Sister Koch
Elder Hillyard and Elder Watts
Elder Hughes and Elder Johnson
Sister Fulton and Sister Diaz
Elder Moody and Elder Ringger
Sister Johnson and Sister Haynie