Sunday, March 6, 2016

2016-03-03 New Missionaries And Trainers!

Thursday morning the new missionaries were paired up with their trainers and sent out to their areas!  Welcome again and thank your for your readiness to serve!

Sisters Maier and Baldwin

Elders Behrndt and Castillo

Sisters Menlove and Daines

Sisters Hendricks and Darton

Sisters Jacklin and Ellis

Sisters Baird and Föger

Sisters Sandstrom and Garnett

Sisters Ballard and Günther

Sisters Wilson and Hammer

Sisters Montierth and Ha

Elders Hite and Hansen

Sisters Jackson and Herr

Elders Morton and Hughes

Sisters Bill and Leavitt

Sisters St. John and Lichtenberg

Elders Peatross and Martinez Ramirez

Elders Peterson and Matis

Elders Foster and Merrel

Sisters Sommerfeld and Mogenson

Elders Smith and Nay

Elders Müller and Pruett

Sisters Rogers and Rose

Sisters Curry and Shoaf

Sisters Porter and Simpson

Elders Bretzing and Vasai

Sisters Hammer and Wahl

Sisters Warner and Wayment

Elders Halbleib and Weckesser

Sisters Kemsley and Willis

Elders Ashby and Wright